The Maze Runner

by James Dashner

  1. The author created a new language with the use of different slang words. Did you find it hard to understand some of the slang? Were you able to compare it to slang that you use?
  2. How does the Thomas change as a person throughout the book?
  3. Why do you think only boys were used in the experiment until the end?
  4. What character did you care about the most while you were reading this?
  5. What job or role would you like if you were in the Glade?
  6. What would be your greatest fear if you were trapped in the Glade?
  7. How did you feel about the ending? Did they make the right choice to sacrifice so many people to escape?


1. Students could imagine they are trapped in a similar situation to the Glade. The students could create their own
society. This would tie in with social studies curriculum regarding governments and/or hierarchy.

2. Students could create a map of the Glade based on descriptions in the book.

3. There are so many strong characters in the book. Have the students choose one character and make a fake
Facebook page ( about that character.

  1. Author’s Website:
  2. Maze Runner website with games