The Last Thing I Remember by Andrew Klavan


1. What would you do, if you woke up to find you couldn’t remember a significant time or event that occurred in your life?

2. Do you feel like people who cannot remember doing something are still responsible for the act and for paying the
consequences for those actions, or should they get a clean slate?

2. Do you feel torture is necessary and acceptable? If so, then when? If not, then why?

3. Who comes first? Do you take care of yourself first, or do you take care of others first, even if it puts your needs or
well-being in jeopardy? Why?

4. What do you think happened to cause Charlie to lose his memory?

5. How did you feel about the ending? Were enough of your questions resolved? Do you plan to read the next book, why
or why not?


1. Put together a scavenger hunt with clues that the students can read and try to piece together to figure out a final

2. Have students act out and film an exciting scene from the book to help promote it.

3. The book flashes between past and present. Have students create a timeline or story board to sequence the correct
order in which the all major events happened.

4. Host a creative writing competition, in which students must write a brief story about waking up under strange
circumstances without a full memory of their past.


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