Pop by Gordon Korman


This story is about football, yes, but it is also about friendship, family, and compassion.

1. In what 3 terms can you think of how the word Pop could be used when referring to this book?

2. Have you shown or has someone you known shown compassion to you? How did you feel? How did the other person react/feel?

3. Alzheimer’s affects many older adults in each community. In what way could you or your school, reach out to those that suffer from this disease or reach out to the families of those who are dealing with a loved one with this disease?

4. There has been much debate on the safety of allowing football players to continue their careers after many concussions and head injuries. What are some reasons that you can give that would be for or against allowing these players to continue playing football?

5. The ending of the story is shocking and sad. If you were to rewrite this story, how would you change the ending?

For a research idea, have students find information on the condition CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) or search
for the work of Alan Schwarz of the NY Times.