Jane in Bloom by Deborah Lytton


1. Jane’s sister Lizzie is the most important person in the world to her. How does Lizzie make her feel?

2. Colors are really important in the book. What are some colors you remember from the book and what did they
describe? What do you think those colors meant? For instance, why do you think Ethel wears purple?

3. Jane finds her own special talent as a photographer. What is one of the things you do that makes you special
and unique? How does Jane use her photography to deal with her sister?

4. How do you think the family would have been different if Lizzie had survived and recovered? How would Jane be

5. Jane chooses to reach out to Kirsten Mueller, the girl who has been bullying her. Why does she do that? Why do
you think Kirsten stops being mean to her after that? Is there someone you could reach out to? What do you think
would happen if you did?


1. Memory Boxes – These do not have to be for someone who has passed away, they can be about a special person or event in the child’s life or even about themselves.

Each person should bring one shoe box and then cut out photos from magazines, bring photos from home and draw pictures to decorate the box. They can add rhinestones, sequins, paints and feathers to decorate. Then they can take them home and fill them with mementos that represent the person or event they made the box for.

2. Museumbox.com – Students can create a digital memory box.

3. Photography Project – Everyone should take a photo or draw a photo of something that represents a color that makes them feel a certain way. It can be a pet, or a flower or a toy. Then they can share them with one another. If there is additional time, they could write a description of the photo or a poem to go with it. Additionally, students could create a story around a photograph.

4. Color Project – Everyone should choose a color of crayon and then write a description of what the color reminds them of and how that color makes them feel. Write a poem or short story about that color. Or students could create a character based on the color and personify the color in their story.

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