Double Eagle

By: Sneed B. Collard III


  1. How does Mike’s personality and assertiveness change throughout the novel?
  2. Mike’s relationship with his dad is very strained. What are some things that Mike could have possibly done to build a better relationship with his dad? What are some things that Mike’s Dad could have done?
  3. Mike kept several things from his dad. He did not tell him about his search for gold coins, or that he had found one. Why?
  4. Would you be brave enough to sneak into an old fort at night? Would you enter a place that is marked, “Closed, due to structural decay”? What about reentering the bastion when a fierce storm is approaching?
  5. Would you have sold the Double Eagle? What would you do with money? If Kyle and Mike were the ones who sold the Double Eagle, how do you think the money may have changed their lives?


1. Mike is a coin collector. He has done quite a bit of research on mints. Have students research the various mints
and the process of coin making in the United States. Compare it with the process that other countries use.

2. Create a blueprint of a fort.

3. Hold a coin party. Invite students to display coins in their collections. Look up their values online.

4. The Double Eagle was sold for $18.9 million dollars. Have the students create a budget on a spreadsheet for how
they would spend this money.

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